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Director – Mr KK Yap

Mr KK Yap leads Opes QX Pte Ltd as its Director and is responsible for ensuring seamless transitions for its clients during their journey to secure a new future in Singapore and the region for their families.

KK has a proven track record as a successful lawyer and serial entrepreneur and investor, having led a law practice he founded for 17 years before embarking on multiple ventures including investing in an electronics factory in Shenzhen, a software development business and an infant care centre in Singapore, amongst others. In addition to these, KK has also participated in multiple PE ventures and invested in over 50 properties in countries including Singapore, China, Australia, USA, Dubai, Ireland and Malaysia.

During the course of his business and personal dealings, he has successfully assisted many families in relocating to Singapore securing, first permanent residencies, and subsequently citizenships. In addition, he has also helped many of these families establish personal social circles in their new environment including finding appropriate schools and social networks for their children and spouses.