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We have built our business from the ground up with the sole purpose of providing our clients with a seamless experience through one platform to meet all their investment, business and personal needs.

We do not believe that a one-size-fits-all approach works for our clients as all client needs are unique. We believe in the approach of:

  • Communicating with our clients to better understand their current business and personal life circumstances

  • Curating a bespoke suite of solutions and advice tailored to address their specific and evolving needs

  • Walking the journey and growing with our clients

We are an institutional level adviser, providing an entire suite of services including research, financial planning, wealth management solutions and alternative investments. We enable clients to take advantage of our integrated solutions without the need to go from one firm to another, saving time and money in the process.

Singapore Your Next Destination

The city-state’s strategic location, trusted legal system and pool of experienced advisers are among the many reasons that make it attractive for wealth management and preservation. Here are some reasons why Singapore is a great destination for your wealth management needs or even as a new home base.

Singapore Provides Incredible Business Opportunities for Expatriates

Setting up of business in Singapore is an extremely simple process. The efficient regulatory framework has made it hassle-free to incorporate a company or business. The country’s Economic Development Board has put in place numerous incentives, schemes and resources towards attracting overseas businesses and individuals to start up here, providing high-quality assistance along the way.

Low Tax Rate for Both Personal and Corporate

Singapore’s personal tax system is straightforward and simple. Income tax rates for individuals residing in Singapore are progressive in nature and range between 0% to 22%. Currently, Singapore does not impose capital gains tax, inheritance tax and estate duties. Businesses based in Singapore are subject to a flat corporate income tax rate of 17%. There are various tax incentives and grants available to businesses based in Singapore.

A Safe City with Stable and Trusted Legal and Regulatory Systems

Singapore has a strong reputation for being a safe and peaceful city with low crime rates. In 2021, it was ranked the third safest city in the world. Singapore is also highly regarded for having a transparent legal system and a reliable police force.

Strategic Location with Global Connectivity

With its strategic location, along the world’s major trade, shipping and aviation routes, Singapore is an ideal hub for international trade and commerce. Singapore is well connected internationally and regarded as the gateway to Southeast Asia due to its excellent global transport infrastructure.

Top-Notch Education System

Singapore places great emphasis on education. The quality of the education system is robust and is among the best in the world. Singapore’s local universities and tertiary institutes are also world-class, consistently ranking top in global indexes.

World-Class and Easily Accessible Healthcare System

Singapore’s healthcare system frequently ranks among the best in the world. Both public and private healthcare in Singapore is subject to government regulations. Primary care at government hospitals is heavily subsidized for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents (PRs).